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Design Help

We Offer Help Designing Your Kitchen

Kitchen Remodeling Layout Drawing

If you decided to make your kitchen more functional, comfortable or beautiful but do not know where to start, we offer our help. We have numerous years of kitchen design & remodeling experience and we can help either you want only the new cabinets & countertops, or you want to make the layout or structural changes in your kitchen.

In either case, we will need you to take the exact measurements of your kitchen (taking into account the location of sink, the size of any existing windows and doors, etc.) It would be very helpful if you could get the idea of your new kitchen sketched on paper and faxed or emailed to us. We will come up with three or four possible cabinet layout options for your kitchen. Our team then will contact you to discuss these layouts to get the one you want.

Using these computer-generated drawings of your kitchen remodeling project, we will be able to order and ship all necessary cabinets and parts for you. Usually, we charge a $300 fee for design work; however, if you buy all cabinets listed in the project from us, we will waive the fee (your kitchen design will be FREE).

We will help you to turn your dream into reality!